Virgil Gamache Farms discovered an aromatic and delicious hop, the Amarillo® Hop. Chroma Souls teamed up with VGF to create a brand for this hop, helping to sell over a ton within the first year of the branding being introduced. Amarillo® is used internationally and in some of the best-tasting beer out there (it's a fact; you cannot argue with science). The spunky and fun nature of this hop had us realizing the potential of the brand visually and strategically. We collaborated to come up with this world of fun and mischievous fireflies and flavors that tell the story of the Amarillo® Hop.



Production of an animated explainer video with original, hand-drawn characters, artwork, and voiceover.


Amarillo® wanted a character to emulate the hop's spunky and bright flavoring. What's better than a magical firefly with a glowing hop butt!?


Captivating, bright, and engaging magazine Ads for the amazing Amarillo® Hop were created for national industry publications.


Virgin Gamache Farms might just be one of the most fun clients ever. For industry conferences we created adult/youth coloring books for VIP lounges.


The Amarillo® Hop is an incredible thing! A hop that makes beer bright needed a website that showed the colorful, explosive qualities it gives to beers -- beers we drink regularly starting at 4:30ish (email us if you want to find one of these brews; call us if you want to join us at 4:30ish).


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